Basics for Choosing the Right Air Compressor

The air compressor is a secondary tool, which means it usually runs in parallel with another tool. Unless it is just used to inflate tires or balloons. The kind, type, and size really depend on what type of tools you will be using with the compressor. For example an auto paint shop would require a much more robust compressor compared to a mechanics shop.

Before beginning, it is advisable that you make a list of the most probable tools you would be using with your air compressor. And how many tools at the same time. If the main purpose is for home use then the answer would be just one at a time, but if you are in a business and require a number of employees to use the equipment at the same time. Remember to refer to the tools air requirements and check its user's manual.

Stated below are some basic tips to consider when choosing a compressor.
Is the compressor meant to be used in a shop or is it supposed to be portable. For a Best Air Compressor that is intended for shop use, you most likely would need a compressor that is more robust than others like a 220v powered compressor that can supply air all day without breaking down. If you are headed to a house call or do services on the spot for carpentry and roofing tasks, a portable compressor with wills is advisable one with wheels or easy to carry.

Consider what type of power you need to have it running. Is it 110v, 220v, or gas powered? Most compressors that run on gas are those that are intended for construction sites, or usually on the truck bed of highway trucks. Typically jackhammers require large gas powered compressors in order for it to run properly. Chances are you would be using a 110v or 220v compressor, these 220v compressors are as close a s you can get to those heavy duty ones without burning a hole through your pocket. Most portable compressors run on 110v.

Also keep in mind where you would be placing your compressor. If you do work in a single car garage then it is highly unlikely you would need an 80 gallon compressor inside your garage. Decide where your compressor would be placed before purchasing it. Though compressors come in all shapes and sizes the key factor to consider is the tank size and quality. You can easily find the Best Portable Table Saw online with a little effort.